Bills Set to Write Different Script Under Head Coach Rex Ryan


By Garrett Gangarossa


For years, the Buffalo Bills have been the laughing stock of the NFL, missing the playoffs every season since 1999. After countless heartbreaks, tragic injuries and quarterback blunders, the franchise has yet to emerge from the shadow of hall of fame quarterback, Jim Kelly. Kelly led the Bills to four consecutive AFC Championship crowns in the early 90s. Despite losing all four super bowls, those Bills teams were among the best in NFL history, achieving something that may never be done again in the NFL.

The years that followed those glory days in Buffalo were very dark, as quarterbacks became hard to come by in western New York. The Bills released quarterback after quarterback and coach after coach, looking for the next Marv Levy and Jim Kelly. That head coach and quarterback tandem never arrived in Buffalo, and still has not. Although the Bills had a few chances at clinching a playoff birth since 1999, they have yet to have that jubilating moment.

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Bills fans know the story all too well when the Bills frequently find themselves in the playoff picture early in the season. The underlying theme for Buffalo Bills fans over the last fifteen years has been devastation, especially after late season collapses. Last season was an epitome of the last decade of Buffalo Bills’ football; begin the season strong, and then throw away any chance of making the playoffs. Bills fans have been patiently waiting for that one Bills team, to break the chain, to break the streak, and make the playoffs. That’s exactly what this 2015 Bills team has set out to do.

If I knew any better than to trust my instinctual self, I would already have written the script. It has been pretty easy for Bills fans to lose all hope, having their dreams of making the playoffs crushed, year in and year out. This Bills team seems different, with a new identity in coach Ryan and new offensive weapons in Tyrod Taylor, LeSean McCoy and Charles Clay; the Bills have a strut in their step. No Bills team since the early 90s has matched this team’s excess of talent and it is finally time to write a different script.

If the Bills wish to end the drought, they will need to prove they can sustain consistency throughout a 16-game season. It all begins here, on Monday Night Football, against Tom Brady and the hated Patriots. Buffalo is desperately in need of a signature win and winning Monday night, would be a turning point in their season. Tom Brady has destroyed the Bills his entire career and the Bills need to get over the hump, if they want to play deep into January.

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The lights will be set Monday night in Foxboro, with a lot on the line for both teams. The obvious one, the Patriots desire to remain undefeated in their quest to finish the season perfect. Tyrod Taylor and the Bills need a win in order to remain in control of an AFC wildcard position. Buffalo and New England will be expected to come out fired up, and ready for action. Without a doubt, both teams will be well prepared after their September clash in Buffalo.


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