Tom Brady’s Revenge: Pt 7

By Garret Gangarossa


Tom Brady and the Patriots were circled on every NFL team’s schedule coming into the 2015 season. In the offseason, New England experienced tough scrutiny from NFL fans, executives, and players following their alleged “deflategate” scandal. Out of the gates, New England proved why they were the champions of the National Football League, winning quite convincingly each week.

It doesn’t take a loyal sports fan to realize that the New England Patriots have been the most consistent and most successful NFL team since the beginning of Tom Brady’s reign in Foxboro. Over the years, the Patriots have been under a microscope and constantly accused of breaking the rules and integrity of the game.

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First, “Spygate” accused the Patriots of illegally taping teams practices and play signals. Years later in the 2014 AFC playoffs, New England was accused of deflating footballs thrown by Tom Brady. Pushing all integrity related accusations aside, the Patriots have been unstoppable this season.

With the win on Thursday night over Miami, New England appears to be this year’s favorite in the AFC and perhaps the NFL, nearly halfway through the 2015 season. Brady was once again flawless in their 36-7 win over the rejuvenated Dolphins team. Brady found Rob Gronkowski six times for 113 yards, including a touchdown. The pair is nearly unstoppable as defenses are running out of ways to slow down the big target. Gronkowski has developed into one of the hardest players in the NFL to account for and if someone wants to knock off the Patriots, they will need to contain the all-pro tight end. It will be interesting to see what team, if any, can stop the Patriots’ high-powered offense.

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Prior to taking the field Thursday night, the Dolphins were feeling good about their improvements. Head Coach Joe Philbin was fired after the team’s 1-3 start. However, Miami had won its first two games under interim head coach, Dan Campbell and had high expectations coming into their match with the defending champions. On the field, Miami had no answer for the Patriots with a sloppy performance in Foxboro. The quest for 16-0 continues and fans will have to wait until next week to see if the Redskins can knock off the NFL’s top dog.


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