Cam vs. Russell: 2K15

By Brielle Minnefield

The Carolina Panthers have dominated so far this season against their first four opponents: the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans, the New Orleans Saints, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now 4-0, Cam Newton and his Panthers will go on to face the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday. This will be the fifth game for the Panthers and the comparisons of who’s the better quarterback between Cam Newton and Russell Wilson are at an all time high.

Cam Newton has bridged the gap that he once had with Russell Wilson when arguing who is the better QB out of the two. So far Cam Newton “has a record of 20-9-1 since week 6 of the 2013 season” while Wilson is 23-9. The question that has become widely popular this week is, “Can Cam Newton lead the Panthers to a win over Seattle?”

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In order for the Panthers to get the win, the defense must make stops against Seattle’s offense in the fourth quarter. The Seahawks are known to be lethal in the fourth quarter on offense with Russell Wilson tearing the opponents defense down with his ability to keep plays alive. This game is unpredictable because the Panthers have shown that they are a different team; they are performing better than the Seahawks as a unit. Carolina is excelling across the board from offense to defense to special teams. The Seahawks have been struggling offensively and defensively this season so Carolina has an advantage, having a better offense and stronger defense out of the two teams.

They have a healthy quarterback in Cam Newton who makes terrific pass plays when pressured in the pocket, Johnathan Stewart who gives the Carolina offense quickness with his speed, Ted Ginn Jr. who can connect with Cam Newton for a catch from anywhere on the field, and Thomas Davis who supplies power and toughness to the Carolina defense. This team has some of the youngest players in the league, which is a plus when it comes to speed, health, and strength; they are progressing with each passing season.

The Seahawks, however, ave had their struggles this season with their prime playmakers getting injured: running back, Marshawn Lynch and line backer, Nick Moody. It will be a riveting game to watch this weekend, especially the showdown between two of the most talented quarterbacks in the league.

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Cam Newton has struggled against the Seahawk’s defense in the past, so in order to win Sunday’s game he’ll need to challenge Seattle’s defense especially by adding pressure in the pocket and being quick on his feet.

However, if the Seahawks want to win this game they must start off strong in the first quarter. They cannot allow the Panthers to show them up, because once Carolina gets in their rhythm they are known to dominate.


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