Ravens avoid 0-4 start

By Annie Kelly

Much to their excitement, the Baltimore Ravens avoided an 0-4 start by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Although this was progress for the Ravens, the Steelers were not nearly as elated. In the Steelers first divisional match up of the season, they fell to the Ravens 23-20 in an exciting game that ended in overtime. The Steelers had the opportunity to win but unfortunately, a few players were not on their game.

The weak link on the Steelers this week was kicker Josh Scobee. Scobee was picked up after first-string kicker Shaun Suisham got hurt and then their next choice, Garrett Hartley, was also injured. He missed two field goals, one 49-yard and one 41-yard attempt, and eventually cost the Steelers the game in overtime when they did not have faith in him to kick a field goal. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin decided to go for the fourth and one, and the team did not succeed. The Ravens got the ball and eventually a field goal to win the game. This was a disappointment to the whole team, but especially Scobee.

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When asked about his performance, Scobee is quoted by NFL.com saying: “I wanted to redeem myself, but I didn’t get it. I understand it. I just have to move on. I feel like I let the team down. It’s a bad feeling. It was a hard-fought game on both sides. I wish I had been able to come through, but it just wasn’t my night.” Unfortunately, in the NFL, kickers cannot have “off” nights, they constantly have to be on their game for instances like this – a win/lose situation.

For that reason, according to NFL.com, the Steelers have found a replacement for Scobee since his performance on Thursday was not up to par and he ultimately cost his team the game. They have signed Chris Boswell, who has never attempted an NFL field goal. Much to the chagrin of the Steelers, the Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker, was invincible. He made every field goal attempt he kicked, including a game winning 52-yard field goal.

The game did not start off with this momentum. In fact, it started off with the potential for the Steelers to hold off the Ravens and maybe win the game. Michael Vick, the Steelers 35-year-old second string quarterback sitting in place of an injured Ben Roethlisberger, threw for 124 yards and a touchdown. His right-hand man, running back Le’Veon Bell, ran for 129 yards and a touchdown. Wide receiver Antonio Brown caught only five passes for 42 yards which halted his streak of five receptions with at least 50 yards. Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. was able to catch four passes for 24 yards before he got injured and left the game with a back contusion in the second half. The Steelers sacked the Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco a grand total of five times, part of the reason a win for the Steelers seemed likely. Although Flacco was not to thank for the win on Thursday, there were two players that pushed the team through.

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The Ravens owe much of its win to the Justins, kicker Justin Tucker and running back Justin Forsett, who gained 150 yards on 27 carries. It was thanks to these two that the Ravens beat the Steelers, and because of Scobee that the Steelers lost to the Ravens.

If Scobee had not missed the two field goals that he did, it is likely the Steelers would have won and avoided overtime. As Vick said, according to CBSsports, “It’s probably one of the toughest losses of my career. We had our chances to win the game. There were lots of plays I could’ve made that I didn’t make.”

It was definitely a disappointing loss for the team, but for the Ravens it was just what they needed and gave them a 1-3 record, something they were desperately searching


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